Collective Kali Pooja for Holi, made for Holi, salvation and security

Every day we meet many people. Not all are our auspicious thinkers. Some have a sense of jealousy for us. Their bad eyesight can have adverse effects on us. Some people also resort to opposite powers, magic to harm others. To overcome such negative and bad energy, worshiping of Mother Kali and receiving blessings from them is the perfect remedy. According to Hindu mythology, Mother Kali Devi is one of the 10 incarnations of Durga. By praying to Mother Kali, you can remove all the negative energies and bad eyesight. 

Holi is a highly celebrated festival on 20.03.2019. is organizing collective Kali Puja on this unique occasion, for salvation and protection from evil eye.

How will this worship be done?

  • After ordering this pooja on your, we will send you a list of rules that follow during the worship.

  • Our veteran pundits who perform strict rituals of Vedic rituals and traditions on a fixed date will complete their prayers on your behalf.

  • We will send you a link through which you can see this worship live online

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